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What makes choosing Regalia Studio a great choice?

Hi, I’m Aldo and I’m Zhi Hui from Regalia Studio. And we’re freelance photographers based in Singapore. We’re gonna tell you why choosing Regalia Studio is a great choice.

Curated Portraits

Have you ever had family or graduation portraits taken of yours, and all you’ve got is a hard copy photo with limited to NO soft copies given? Or less than 10 edited soft copies given to you.. Or even, low res photos given to you that are unedited, uncropped, untouched, with a big watermark. Or Family portraits with bad lighting..

Well, this is the reason why Regalia Studio exist.

We are affordable but not cheap. Cheap stuff comes with drawbacks, we don’t do bad editing, neglect selection of photos and we don’t neglect the shutter button either. We care for composition of photos. We ensure that photos given to our clients are Curated, of Quality and Classy.

We care about documenting your special moment

Whether is it printing or to customize a photoshoot, we care about documenting THAT special moment of yours. Please speak to us, you can drop us an e-mail or a text through WhatsApp too.

Find Out More

We want to provide the best services for you.
Please write to us and we will gladly assist you in your queries.

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